Electronic Systems & Embedded Software Development


asOne offers a complete range of end-to-end system and embedded software development services.

asOne has delivered dozen solutions for major companies and technological startups specializing in hardware manufacturing, low-level software development and data management.  Our versatile experience and deep understanding of all aspects of the development process enable us to work on projects of any complexity – from short-term R&D assignments to ongoing development and maintenance of custom software lasting for years. Doing business with asOne means speaking the same language with like-minded professionals offering strong technical expertise, ingenuity and innovative approaches to solving your business problems.

asOne offers system development services for various types of equipment, including, but not limited to:

      •         System Automation
      •         Firmware development
      •         Embedded designs
      •         Digital Circuits design
      •         Schematics design and capture
      •         PCB design and Layout (Single side to Multi-layer)
      •         Low powered designs  

Below are some of the many benefits of working with asOne and highlights of our experience that make us so special:

      •        Years of hands-on experience in developing software for a broad range of platforms, including RISC, CISC, ARM, DSP, AVR8/32, PIC, MSP and others
      •         Unique know-how accumulated over years, tried and tested code base
      •         Industry-standard development methodologies including source code/documentation control, change management, defect tracking and continuous integration
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